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Community and Purpose

Community Engagement Strategy

  • Life Changer of the Year
  • Women’s Insight Network
  • Do Good Fest
  • CPA Advantage
  • Personal Engagement with your own Preferences

Increase Productivity & Profitability

  • Run a practice as a business
  • Attract the right clients
  • Maintain profitable client relationships
  • Leverage your time
  • Move through 5 phases
  • Survival, Success, Sustainable, Significance, Succession

Open Architecture


  • National Life Group

  • Equity Services Inc.

  • Sentinel Investments

Community and Purpose

  • Seelsorge -- is a German word which means “the care of souls”
  • Cause (Purpose) drives culture. Defining Financial Partners as a cause inspires our associates, awakens our passion, creates innovative solutions -- and attracts great talent.
  • “We recruit to a winning story -- if you want to dream it and do it, then come to National Life -- we are ‘Do-Gooders’” -- Mehran Assadi
  • Unique Teamwork vrs. Rugged Individualists
  • Unique Abilities
  • Unique Ability Teams

Our Purpose

  • Life happens -- and life unscripted happens too. Unfortunately, when it does it can set off an avalanche of disruptions
  • “We keep alive the dreams of families, the hopes of small business owners, and the dignity and financial independence of seniors. In my view, no profession can be more honorable or special.” Mehran Assadi