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Shared Resources - Shared Values

Financial Partners, LLC is an organization of financial professionals operating as a producer group. As a select group of financial services professionals, we build relationships with both one another and our vendors in order to leverage our production and knowledge for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Financial Partners, LLC exists as a producer group to provide each Affiliated Producer leveraged contractual relationships, greater underwriting support and power, distribution and contract ownership, service efficiencies, proprietary/specialty product development and the opportunity to associate and share ideas with our other like-minded professionals.

Producers frustrated by the industry status quo have tremendous power to develop a new innovative business model

"It's been exciting to help folks in our business realize that they have much more power than they ever imagined. We've seen people enjoy greater personal and creative freedom while being much more productive," says Bill Hansing, the founder of Financial Partners, LLC.

For Successful Entrepreneurs

Financial Partners, LLC is comprised of over 80 experienced professional producers and support staff. These qualities produce coaching, support, training and consulting projects that are focused, relevant, and strategically invaluable.

This site is built exclusively for financial professionals interested in learning more about us. We believe the time you spend here will give you a clear understanding not only of being affiliated with this quality Producer Support Group.

Every year, dozens of producers who are seeking greater autonomy and a sense of ownership choose Financial Partners, LLC. We invite you to learn more about us.

Call us toll free at 800-385-5733 or 630-513-9588, or email us at