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Strong Tradition - New Thinking - Your Financial Partner

As your business grows, so do the number of opportunities and responsibilities you face, and with these come increasing demands on your time and energy. This leaves many financial services producers feeling overwhelmed and with no time to think, recharge, or plan strategically.

Bill Hansing started Financial Partners in 2003 with the idea in mind that select producers would want to affiliate with an agency that would genuinely provide value to them by...

  • Shows you how to go from being a "rugged individual" to benefiting from teamwork that allows you to focus only on what you do best.
  • Provides structures and tools that allow you to regularly take time to think, rejuvenate, and focus on achieving the results that really matter.
  • Helps you to understand which relationships and tasks you need to focus your energy on personally and what can be delegated to others.
  • Gives you one strategic planning day a quarter where you can leave feeling focused, energized, excited, and confident about your next action steps.
  • Gives you the structure, support, and time to clarify your bigger vision for your future, personal and professional, and provides direction and thinking tools to help you realize that vision
  • Provides a community that can share experiences and keep you honest and accountable as you implement new strategies to transform your business.

The business is not getting any easier

Once on the treadmill of constant demands, it's hard to imagine how to get off without the business getting of track. Your energy can easily become focused on holding it all together rather than on growing or innovating. Health, confidence, productivity, relationships, and quality of life all suffer, and you seem to be working harder than ever.

Additionally, over the past decade, commissions for financial professionals have dropped dramatically while the complexities, costs, and frustrations have multiplied. Financial professionals looking for a solution may find one in Financial Partners, which offers a focusing program to successful financial services entrepreneurs.

Business models that gain immediate help are those who have a traditional transactional approach of product sales. This is especially true for those without a broad product cross sale of financial products, and/or are searching for a more efficient and effective method of delivering a financial services practice. We assist a producer in growing from a "rugged individualist" to building a "team" around their own strengths.